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Blue Moon Pizza

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Kristi Slaughter, President

Here lately, so much of my life seems to be searching for the perfect gluten free pizza...what a wonderful life!  When I went gluten free 8 years ago I couldn’t go out and eat a gluten free pizza, atleast in my area. Now that I can go out and indulge in pizza again, I’m in total bliss. I love munching, sampling, & comparing different pizzas. I had the opportunity to eat pizza from Blue Moon Pizza in Atlanta (Sandy Springs.) I had initally planned to go in and dine but I opted out for delivery to my hotel. You heard me right...gluten free pizza delivery! The Blue Moon gluten free pizza comes is one size. I was really hungry and ofcourse I was going to share with friends, so I decided to order 3 pizzas. Pizza number one was topped with pepperoni and banana peppers. This has to be one of my favorite topping combinations of all time.

There are as many gluten free pizza crust styles as there are different types of people. The Blue Moon crust it just the way I like it....thin and crispy. The crust had a little kosher salt blend on the edges which added tremendously to the flavor. Sometimes with gluten free flour blends there can be a weird flavor or grainy texture, but not with this crust. The ingredient list for the crust can be found on their website and appears to be free of several different allergens, which is a huge plus. 

I also got a delicious pepperoni and red onion pizza. To top off the pizza party I ordered a pepperoni and pineapple pizza. I don’t normally eat pineapple on my pizza, but one of my friends adores it. I have to say I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the pineapple pizza as well.

Usually, I eat my gluten free pizza right out of the oven...there’s nothing better. However, I was pleasantly suprised how truely wonderful this delivery pizza was. I could eat this pizza everyday. Having said that, it’s probably a good thing I don’t live near a Blue Moon Pizza resturant! Three of us chowed down on the pizza but had a few pieces left over for a snack.

  I decided to go full force with pizza but if you check out the gluten free tab on their website where you’ll find salad options, gluten free Bruschetta and cheese bread. As if you couldn’t find enough to eat, you could relish in a
gluten free brownie with ice cream...yum!

 Blue Moon Pizza has 4 locations in the Atlanta area. There website says they will deliver within a 3 mile radius. You better believe that I’m going to eat  Blue Moon Pizza the next time I’m in Atlanta.

** As always be sure to use caution and your best judgment when dining out with dietary restrictions. We assume no responsibility for clients dining out. Gluten Free Guru, Inc is providing this review as information only. This information is not dietary or medical advice. Contact your medical doctor.

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