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Cedar Springs Lamb

At home we’ve been enjoying Cedar Springs Natural Lamb for quite sometime. When I was brainstorming ideas for my Daytime Tri-cities cooking segment, I knew that I wanted to share something a little special with the Daytime audience, so I decided to feature lamb. It was extremely important for me to relay to my viewers, how delicious lamb can be as well as how simple it is to prepare at home. I’ve been purchasing my lamb from my local Food City store. The brand of lamb that I prefer to use is Cedar Springs from Mountain States Rosen Company. Cedar Springs Natural Lamb is sourced from a cooperative of ranchers in the United States. The lamb is also naturally gluten free, minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients.

Prior to learning to cook lamb at home, I had eaten lamb at several restaurants. When dining out in the past, the lamb that I tasted had a strong, gamey, wild taste. Honestly, the reason I initially purchased the Cedar Springs Natural Lamb was because it was on special. I love to experiment with new foods and taking the plunge is easier to do when it’s on special!

When I inspected the lamb, I noticed the meat was lean but had a nice marbling of fat. A certain of amount of fat can provide both moisture and flavor to your meat. Due to the richness of the lamb, one chop per person is a perfect serving. Each time I’ve purchased the Cedar Springs lamb, the product has been consistent in quality. The first time I prepared the lamb chops; I simply sprinkled a seasoning blend on the meat and seared the meat on a cast iron griddle. This type of meat can be cooked with very little preparation and sizzles to medium rare in just a few minutes!

Upon tasting the first bite, I was shocked at the mild flavor of the Cedar Springs lamb. The taste was much different than other lamb that I’d eaten in the past. The meat was very delicate but also rich and sophisticated in flavor. Not only was the taste superior to other lamb, but so was the texture. The Cedar Springs lamb has an unsurpassed tenderness, a “melt in your mouth” quality.

For Daytime Tricities, it was crucial for me to create a dish that was full of flavor and yet simple enough to prepare on a week night. I made a crust from crushed tortilla chips and then seared the lamb for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. The meat was placed on a bed of sautéed garlic spinach and drizzled with a roasted beet reduction. Purely delicious……

I love that I can go to my local grocery store and purchase such an amazing quality of lamb for a reasonable price. Now, you can also prepare restaurant quality, or better... lamb dishes in your own home. I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone a little and try this delectable lamb from Cedar Springs!

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You can also check out my video featuring the Cedar Springs Lamb!

Daytime Tri-Cities January 22nd 2013

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