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Welcome to the Gluten Free Guru dining guide.
We have experienced some fabulous gluten free food and we hope this will be a blessing to you.

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Cheers to fabulous gluten free dining!

Kristi Slaughter, President

  We decided as part of my birthday celebration to head over to Boone, NC for a little eating & shopping. We arrived at one of our favorite Boone pizza places, Primo’s Pizza, only to realize that they close on Mondays. I started to panic and then I remembered an app on my phone called Find Me Gluten Free. Within 10 minutes we were at Coyote Kitchen. Thank you, Find Me Gluten Free for leading me to Coyote Kitchen! This place was hopping...we actually met another gluten free diner while we were there!

What makes this place so unique is their dedication to natural ingredients as well as special dietary needs.  When we arrived we picked out a few “starters.” How many restaurants do you know who have a dedicated fryer just for gluten free food? Coyote Kitchen has opened up so many options for gluten free diners by having a fryer just for us! We started with an order of tortilla chips. The chips were served with homemade salsas.

We had the Pineapple Habanero, Mango Lime & the Pico de Gallo. We were able to substitute 2 containers of the Pico de Gallo for the Chipotle Cranberry Salsa, which contains gluten. Actually, stay away from any of the items containing chipotle as an ingredient, because they all contain gluten.  All of the salsas were so fresh and full of flavor. I liked having the contrast of tomato and the sweet mango and pineapple. My mouth is watering as I’m writing.

Coyote Kitchen does carry gluten free buns. So I ordered a Kobe Beef Burger with fries. However, they ran out of buns the day I was there. If you’re set on having a sandwich you might want to call them ahead of time to see if they have the buns available. We decided on an order of fries anyway! We chose the traditional Russet fries with a light seasoning salt, served with a Sweet Red Vegan Dip. If you’re looking for a change of pace, you can order the sweet potato fries. I opted for the classic version of fries. The fries were so delicious...a little crispy, a little tender and salted to perfection. Oh yea, the side item of fries was $1.99, just awesome!!


 After officially celebrating our fried quotient for the day, we moved on to a
few healthier options.

The special for the day was a beautiful fresh spinach salad topped with blackened salmon, sweet fresh corn, avocado & feta cheese. The salmon was extremely moist and perfectly cooked. 

Instead of the Kobe Beef Burger we ordered a taco. The Kobe Beef Taco was topped with roasted red peppers, sweet corn and onions. The caramelizing of the onions brought together the entire dish without overpowering the natural Kobe flavor.  Typically, the tacos are served on two flour tortillas. For the gluten free option the tacos are served on corn tortillas. The tacos are paired with your choice of salsa as well. I chose Pico de Gallo....and I loved it!

Wow, after collecting my pictures and information I’m realizing the shear amount of food we had that day! Continuing on....

I had the opportunity to go to Jamaica several years ago, prior to being gluten free. Jerk chicken, since that time has held a special place in my heart. So...we ordered the Jerk Chicken Taco. Hey, why not celebrate on your birthday? So what’s the verdict? Yum, fabulous, wonderful...the seasoning was perfect in heat for me, but I do enjoy spicy food. The Jack cheese looked like a blanket of snow covering a very happy plate of chicken & veggies.

To finish the celebration we had a wonderful
 piece of Flourless Chocolate Cake! Of course we had food leftover. We didn’t eat all of it but we certainly tried. What a terrific place to celebrate healthy
fresh sustainable food.

For more information about Coyote Kitchen you can go to their website Cheers!!!

** As always be sure to use caution and your best judgment when dining out with dietary restrictions. We assume no responsibility for clients dining out. Gluten Free Guru, Inc is providing this review as information only. This information is not dietary or medical advice. Contact your medical doctor.


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