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Fogo De Chao

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Cheers to fabulous gluten free dining!

Kristi Slaughter, President

I am amazed each time I eat at Fogo De Chao. The amount of food I can eat while I’m dining there is crazy. I’ve tried to strategize in the past by making a game plan for my meal each time ago. However, the fact is there are so many gluten free options I just have to sample it all. The staff at Fogo Atlanta is very accommodating and with so many gluten free dishes dining is no problem. I always make reservations to make sure I never have to wait!

   Shortly after being seated, the gaucho delivers the most wonderful brazilian cheese bread, pão de queijo  and explains the dining event. Pão de queijo  is such an incredible treat to feast on. It’s a naturally gluten free bread that melts in your mouth.

It’s very unusual it have the opportunity to eat at a salad bar. At Fogo, the salad bar is virtually gluten free with a few exceptions such as the croutons, mushrooms, tubuli salad etc. For the most part the are tons of choices to enjoy such as prosciutto, cheese & smoked salmon.

In addition to the salad bar items, all of the side dishes that are presented tableside are gluten free. These include Crispy Hot Polenta, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Caramelized Bananas. Sorry about the half eaten food photo. I was so hungry and excited, I couldn’t wait to take the picture!

To the right of the picture you will see a red paper disk. In traditional style, the diner will turn the disk to green to indicate,” please bring me more delicious skewers of meat” or red to indicate.....”no thank you for meat!” The only meat off limits was the chicken legs because they are prepared with beer. Aslo, they were served next the skewer of sausage so we skipped those as well.  The gauchos continue to bring different types and cuts of meats until you have sampled till you heart is content. I really enjoyed the delicious smokey flavor of the filet, lamb, and the bacon wrapped filet.  You can request your meat to be prepared to the temperature you desire. While you’re there be sure and order the creamy limeade drink, it’s a refreshing drink the whole family can enjoy!

For more information go to You can make reservations online as well. I usually indicate gluten free on our reservation. However, so many dishes are naturally gluten free, I’m not sure that it is needed.  

** As always be sure to use caution and your best judgment when dining out with dietary restrictions. We assume no responsibility for clients dining out. Gluten Free Guru, Inc is providing this review as information only. This information is not dietary or medical advice. Contact your medical doctor.
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