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Personal Shopping

Imagine… you're standing in the middle of the grocery store, tears start running down your face and you began to panic! One of the toughest challenges with going gluten free is learning what foods are safe to eat. Many of the types of foods and brands that you've been eating your entire life contain gluten. There's no need to panic! Gluten Free Guru is here to help!
  • One-on-One Shopping
  • Product Advice
  • Label Education
  • Gluten Free Substitutions
  • "How to Stock Your New Pantry"


Gluten Free Guru will go with you to your favorite grocery store and help you shop. Gluten Free Guru teaches you how to read labels and how to find quality, gluten free products. Countless hours can be spent trying to find gluten free replacements for your old favorites. Let us do the work for you. In no time, you will have confidence in your ability to provide healthy, delicious foods for you and your family. Some people with Celiac Disease have other dietary restrictions as well. Gluten Free Guru can provide one-on-one shopping assistance for many types of food issues and allergies (including egg, dairy, soy, etc.).

The fee for personal shopping is $50 per hour. Gluten Free Guru is happy to serve those in Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and the surrounding region. An additional fee will be charged, however, for traveling outside the Tri-Cities area.
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