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The Gluten-Free Guru has been a true blessing for me! I have never been the type to cook dinner and most of my meals consisted of fast food take-out or dining in a restaurant. After being diagnosed with IBS and various food intolerances/sensitivities, including gluten, my days of mindless eating and restaurants/take-out were over. I thought I was doomed to tasteless and boring meals forever.
A friend recommended that I call Kristi Slaughter at The Gluten Free Guru for some gluten-free cooking lessons. I was a bit hesitant at first because I had so many dietary restrictions, but Kristi took the time to learn what I can and cannot eat and designed some meals around the foods that I like and can eat. I am not very good in the kitchen, but Kristi was very patient and understanding and helped me learn to make a delicious gluten-free meal for my family. Everyone was impressed with the meal I cooked and my kitchen confidence tripled! My husband is a big fan of hers for just being able to get me to start cooking again! I believe she is his hero right now! I find myself using her tips and recipes on a daily basis.

The Gluten Free Guru also offers menu planning and personal shopping assistance. I would have been so lost and overwhelmed without this service. Kristi made it all so easy! I just filled out the menu questionnaire and told her what my regular meals used to be like and in a few days time, she had planned an entire week’s menu customized just for me and it was very affordable and easy to make. I also took advantage of the personal grocery shopping assistance she offers and learned a lot in a short 2-hour shopping trip to Food City . She helped me pick normal foods that are gluten-free and also good for me. After our shopping trip, I felt like I truly did have the knowledge to choose the right foods without worry. I also know she is always here for me if I need help or have a question.
Kristi Slaughter, The Gluten Free Guru, is very knowledgeable in gluten-free cooking, meal/menu planning, and her shopping assistance is an extremely valuable tool for surviving in a gluten-free world! She is very understanding, thorough and conscientious in her work and her food is so delicious!! She has always followed up with her service to see if I had any questions or to see how things turned out. She really does care about her clients! I highly recommend her to everyone who needs help with their gluten-free lifestyle. She definitely helps you make the adjustment easy and doable! These days, I make most of meals and don’t regret it at all. I know I providing healthy, nutritious food for me and my family and they enjoy eating it. I also have a list of places I can safely eat gluten-free, but more often than not, I’m actually learning to enjoy cooking!

I consider her service to be very valuable and recommend her to anyone who is facing a major diet change do to IBS, IBD, Celiac disease, or if you just want to eliminate gluten from your diet. Give her a call – it is well worth it!

Thank you Kristi for all your help!!!!
- K. F. in Tennessee

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