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Turner Field

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Kristi Slaughter, President

I can’t think of anything more fun and “American” than baseball. Love those Braves and Turner Field. Many  Major League Baseball arenas are doing an incredible thing by offering gluten free options at their ballparks. Currently, Aramark is the food service provider for Turner field.  

At a recent game, I found  several gluten free options. Each time I go to the game I try to get tickets near the gluten free concession stand to make sure I don’t miss much of the game!

Turner Field takes the guess work out of locating what’s gluten free by having a dedicated gluten free stand. I found typical ball game fare, gluten free style. Actually, at one time or another, I’ve tried all of the main protein options such as the gluten free burger, chicken sandwich and frank.  Probably, my most favorite was the chicken sandwich. All the items are served on gluten free buns and have packaged condiments available as well. Also, at this stand you can purchase soda and
gluten free Redbridge Beer.

 On my first visit, we had a gluten free cupcake from American Gra-frutti. However, I didn’t see them at the stand this time. It appeared that they did have gluten free muffins and chips. When I spoke with the ladies working the stand, they commented that it had recently become very popular! This is so great for our
gluten free community.

I topped off the night with Frozen Minute Maid Lemonade & cotton candy. I was able to purchase these snack items from the vendors that walk around during the game. I was there on a Friday night and got to watch the fireworks after the game.... what a perfect night and a wonderful family tradition! I can’t wait to go back to see the Brave’s play. Actually, I’d like to take a ball park tour around the US and sample all the gluten free baseball goodies available.

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