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Occasionally in life, you’re introduced to a product that completely revolutionizes the way you cook. I recently had the opportunity to try Victoria Taylor’s Seasonings from Victoria Gourmet. Over the span of my culinary career, I’ve experimented with many different brands of spices. I’ve cooked with expensive organic spices and well as dollar store specials.

So, when my Victoria Taylor’s Seasonings arrived, I was eager to put her spices to the test! Victoria Gourmet is based in Massachusetts and features an extensive line of spice blends, exotic finishing salts, peppers, brining blends and gourmet ingredients.

  Upon opening my box I was immediately impressed with the packaging. The spices arrived in adorable tins with a viewing window on the side. The spices were so aromatic that I could smell them when I initially opened the package. The tins are sealed with a paper label on the front. After opening the first tin, I realized I could take a knife and score the label at the lid. Also, to avoid spilling any of the spices, I gave the tins a couple of taps on my counter, before opening. 

 I picked up some fresh Wahoo Fish from my local market and went to work. For my first experiment, I decided to us the Toasted Sesame Ginger Seasoning blend. The Toasted Sesame Ginger Seasoning had just the right amount of heat without overpowering the mild Wahoo. Victoria Taylor takes the guess work out of deciding what spice to use on your food. The labeling clearly suggests what proteins and veggies would best be complemented by each spice.

The spices are so full of flavor, I found myself just wanting to nibble on the them. I literally have never tasted such flavorful spices. I couldn’t stop with the first spice blend, so I decided to open the No Salt Lemon Pepper. Because so many spice companies have a Lemon Pepper blend I thought that sampling this blend would be the ultimate test. As soon as I opened the tin, I noticed the coarseness of the blend. The texture of the blend was unlike any spice I’ve ever used. During my sampling of the pure spice, I was shocked at the freshness and burst of citrus that hit my tongue. According to the label the No Salt Lemon Pepper blend has lemon oil, which I’m sure adds to the aromatic qualities. To finish off the Wahoo I roasted some potatoes with the
Lemon Pepper and made a fresh salsa.

In the summer there is nothing better than grilling out. I used the Herbes de Provence and made a crust for a veal chop. To enhance the flavor of rosemary and lavender, I sautéed shrimp with butter and the Herb de Provance as well. The dish was completed with a simple twice stuffed potato. I thought it could use a little color, so I sprinkled the potato with the
Smoky Paprika Chipotle Seasoning.

Speaking of the Smoky Paprika Chipotle Seasoning, I’m in love with this spice. This blend began disappearing, before I could take the first picture. My family had some homegrown veggies and I thought they could use a little something special like the Chipotle blend. I used this spice with everything from tacos to a crockpot beef tip roast. I needed a super quick dip the other day. So, I mixed organic sour cream, the Smoky Paprika Chipotle Seasoning and salt & pepper. The dip was so wonderful, I had to make a second batch!

After a week or so of using the spices, I started thinking out of the box. One evening I made a salad with dinner and used the
Tuscan Seasoning for a flavorful dressing. I started with a gluten free mayonnaise, seasoned rice vinegar and a little salt and pepper. The result was a natural, creamy Italian dressing prepared in seconds.

I always save my gluten free bread heels and put them in the freezer. I loosely tore pieces of bread, sprinkled them with the Mediterranean Seasoning & and a few pats of butter. While I was finishing the salad, I put the bread in the oven and made homemade croutons.

The options for these spices are endless. I had a bag of volcanic rice in my cabinet that was in need of a punch of flavor. I prepared the rice according to the manufactures directions, but used Victoria’s Roasted Garlic Slices, Red Bell Peppers, & Fire-Roasted Tomatoes. I finished the rice off with some salt and pepper. The result of the concoction.....perfection!

Most of the Victoria Gourmet Seasonings are low salt or contain no salt. Of course, this is great from a health stand point but from a culinary view it’s even better. The low sodium blends allow the home cook to prepare their food to desired tastes. I also appreciate the use of all natural ingredients and non irradiation of the spices.   

I picked up lamb chops at the supermarket and decided to throw them on the grill for a quick dinner. I was transported to Morocco with a lightly smoky cumin and caraway blend.  
I made the crust using Moroccan Seasoning.


 I’ve talked a great deal about the importance of verifying that your spice products are gluten free. After contacting Victoria Gourmet, I was pleasantly surprised to discover all of their spices are gluten free, except the Kansas City Steak Rub. Currently , they are awaiting their
Gluten Free Certification on their other products.

My next experiment is a smoked turkey using Victoria’s Brining Blend...

Are you tired of the same old gluten free grilled chicken? You can go to to see the full product line and order spices. Victoria Gourmet has so many items in their line, I couldn’t even list them all here. The website is full of free recipes using the Victoria Taylor Spices. Also, they have a wonderful blog with food photos and recipes as well.


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