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Kristi Slaughter, President

Yeah! Burger-Virginia Highlands

I can’t tell you how excited I was to try Yeah! Burger. After my second attempt to dine there....I finally made it. Shortly after entering Yeah! Burger I feel in love. I absolutely love everything about this trendy spot. I made my way through the resturant to the back counter, where I found a menu and browsed my options. I had previously studied their online menu, so I knew I had several gluten free items to chose from. One thing I appreciate is the posting of gf items on their regular menu. When resturants display their gluten free items this way, it adds to my feelings of normalcy when dining out.

I decided on their Gluten Free Grass-Fed Bison Burger & the Gluten Free Grass-Fed Beef Burger. I had tons of options for toppings that were included in the price. In addition, there were plenty of gf premium toppings like nitrate-free bacon and sauces that were availble as well. Since I was going to totally submerse myself in the Yeah! Burger experince, I also ordered the Fifty-Fifty Side Item of Gluten Free Fries and Onion Rings. I mean really, this was insane...both french fries and onion rings! The crisp, onion rings were lightly breaded with gluten free flour and the fries were the perfect accompaniment to the burger as well. 

Their gluten free fries and onion rings were prepared in dedicated fryers. They have a statement about the close proximity of the gluten free fryers and the gluten containing
fryers on their online menu you can check out.

I was pleasantly surprised with seasoning on the fries. They were so flavorful there was almost no need for ketchup.
I waited just long enough to peruse the resturant, check out the bathrooms and the modern, fun decor. I found the perfect table and I was served promptly. I was amazed at the amount of food that was served.

The burgers and sides were served on cute trays and all the leftovers and paper were separated for compost. Ok.....back to the food. I literally felt like I was in heaven when took my first bite. The two patty burger was perfectly cooked, and placed on a warm bun. I washed everything down with a soda. However, I did notice they have gluten free beer, cider, wine & a full bar.

 Grass Fed Burger

Super Cute Burger Boy

Bison Burger...half eaten!

I can’t wait to go back to Yeah! Burger. I love the whole concept of using organic, sustainable, whole foods while providing a wonderful service to the gluten free community. Some resturants offer gluten free buns, or fries but here you can literally have it all. They also have another location in West Midtown, Atlanta.

You can check out the Yeah! Burger menu!

** As always be sure to use caution and your best judgment when dining out with dietary restrictions. We assume no responsibility for clients dining out. Gluten Free Guru, Inc is providing this review as information only. This information is not dietary or medical advice. Contact your medical doctor.

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